Your kids sports in full HD….

Your kids sports in full HD….

To document sport in its purest form and memoralize childhood moments for kids and parents throughout Amercia

parent and coach testimonials

Coach Bob B.

Scott is highly versatile and produces tremendous quality work. He consistently goes above and beyond expectations both in ability to capture raw footage as well as edit down into a highly produced final product. 

Andrew D.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done this year.  As a parent of a young man on this year’s all-star baseball team, I always looked forward to the game films to enjoy with my son in the days after the game.  When you went above and beyond and sent a highlight reel focusing in on just my son’s accomplishments this season, it made for some treasured memories we will enjoy for years to come.


As a football coach your film work has helped the boy’s growth immensely.  The fact that you deliver the film to the coaches the same day, featuring different angles and edited content is amazing.  You save all of us a ton of time and effort – instead of combing through over an hour worth of film you deliver us just the play by play that we need.


Thanks again for all your hard work this past year.  Looking forward to you helping in whatever endeavor is next!

Nivas S. Proud Football Parent

SHG Sports Productions is simply amazing and awesome capturing game moments with video and highlights. It helps Coaches proactively in many ways. I love what SHG Sports team contributes to Randolph football teams every week when they are in play

About Me

Starting at the age of eight Scott Gourvitz knew he would be working in sports.  Almost every weekend was spent either listening to the stories to continue reading, click here

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