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Live Streaming

As we begin to cut the cords in our homes how we watch sporting events has forever changed.  The idea of watching your kids little league or youth soccer game live online was once a pipe dream.  SHG makes it a reality. We can stream your game to our website which you can then share with whomever you like.  For a small cost parents and grandparents all over the world can catch a game in the past they would have never gotten to see.   Bring the future to your team now.

Why choose us?

All our games are recorded in 1080 HD.

Our camera people have many years of professional experience and skills.

We capture angles and close-ups other companies won't even try.

Our highlights are more than pan right and left and spot shadows. They are cinematic views of your child's best moments.


What's included?

  • HD stream of every game

  • Shot by professional camera person

  • Individual link or channel provided for each game

  • Stream archived for as long as needed

  • Password protection available

  • Multiple cameras, replays and a bevy of additional services available at additional cost

See our work

Somerset Hills Pee Wee at Deniville
Patriots vs Riot Live

Contact us now for bookings and inquires

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