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College Recruiting

Since they started playing competitive sports at the college level, coaches have been recruiting.  In the past parents were solely dependent on word of mouth to physically get a coach or scout to come watch their child play.  However the world has changed and there is no longer a need to wait. Parents can now capture their young athletes best moments and send them directly to coaches.  SHG productions is best equipped to produce these videos. We have the technology to have our cameras follow just your child all around the pitch, court, field or arena.  We specialize in youth sports so we know exactly to capture and edit in a way that best highlights the talents that coaches are looking for.

Why choose us?

All our games are recorded in 1080 HD.

Our camera people have many years of professional experience and skills.

We capture angles and close-ups other companies won't even try.

Our highlights are more than pan right and left and spot shadows. They are cinematic views of your child's best moments.


What's included?

  • Can devote single or multiple cameras for each game of your child's season

  • We can also use your own videos

  • Extensive logging to find the best plays at best angle

  • Graphics and video effects included on all videos

  • Choice of music

  • Digital upload and delivery

See our work

Randolph Bulldogs 2021
Roxbury Varsity vs Madison

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