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Game Videos

Your team will get every single play shot from the most ideal angle. If necessary we will incorporate multiple angles to make sure you get the best view of every active moment of your game.  Each game will also include an introductory screen with appropriate music as well as network style graphics. Each full game broadcast will look like something you see on Monday night football or Sunday night baseball or NBA game of the week.

Why choose us?

All our games are recorded in 1080 HD.

Our camera people have many years of professional experience and skills.

We capture angles and close-ups other companies won't even try.

Our highlights are more than pan right and left and spot shadows. They are cinematic views of your child's best moments.


What's included?

  • Full HD video shot by at least 1 professional cameraperson

  • Shot at the best possible angle

  • Specialty robotic and hi tripod cameras available

  • Digital upload and delivery to the platform of your choice (HUDL included)

See our work

Randolph Rumble vs High Point
Super Pee Wee vs Rockaway

Contact us now for bookings and inquires

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