game videos

Your team will get every single play shot from the most ideal angle.  If necessary we will incorporate multiple angles to make sure you get the best view of every active moment of your game.  Each game will also include an introductory screen with appropriate music as well as network style graphics. Each full game broadcast will look like something you see on Monday night football or Sunday night baseball or NBA game of the week.

individual highlight videos

The best and most exciting plays of your child’s season will be edited into a fast three to five minute package.  Every great hit, tackle, basket, pass, kick or catch will be shown from multiple angles accompanied by appropriate music.  Create a memory that will last a lifetime for you and your child.

team highlight videos

Following a grueling, exciting season, give coaches, kids and parents and chance to relive every great memory with a season highlight reel.  You can choose from our basic reel which is a summary of all of the highlights of the season or our deluxe package which will take an extensive look at all facets of the season from the games to the practices to the fans and everything in between.

live streaming

As we begin to cut the cords in our homes how we watch sporting events has forever changed.  The idea of watching your kids little league or youth soccer game live online was once a pipe dream.  SHG makes it a reality. We can stream your game to our website which you can then share with whomever you like.  For a small cost parents and grandparents all over the world can catch a game in the past they would have never gotten to see.   Bring the future to your team now.

college recruiting

Since they started playing competitive sports at the college level, coaches have been recruiting.  In the past parents were solely dependent on word of mouth to physically get a coach or scout to come watch their child play.  However the world has changed and there is no longer a need to wait. Parents can now capture their young athletes best moments and send them directly to coaches.  SHG productions is best equipped to produce these videos. We have the technology to have our cameras follow just your child all around the pitch, court, field or arena.  We specialize in youth sports so we know exactly to capture and edit in a way that best highlights the talents that coaches are looking for.