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Starting at the age of eight Scott Gourvitz knew he would be working in sports.  Almost every weekend was spent either listening to the stories of his father Paul who was an anchor on sports phone and the play-by-play announcer for the New York Islanders and Nets or going to games with his grandfather Barney Kremenko whose 50 year career included stints as a sportswriter for every major New York City publication to head of Public Relations for the Nets and Islanders.  Sports was in Scott’s blood and it never left.


After graduating high school, Scott spent 4 years at NYU where he majored in broadcast journalism. While attending the Greenwich Village based college, Scott worked as a sports anchor and reporter on both WYNU radio and TV. He also served as the manager of the basketball teams which was the 1994 National Runner Ups. After graduating, Scott’s first job was working Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting.  During the 1996 Olympic Games this company was responsible for coordinating broadcasts for 122 countries. It was a brief southern jaunt for Scott as he returned to the New York area after the games were over. Two years later, Scott went to work for the worldwide sports leader, ESPN. For almost a year, Scott cut highlights for the world famous show SportsCenter. He also wrote scripts and content for ESPNews. When 1999 roled around Scott took his services to Fox News Edge, a division of Fox News Channel.  During his 8 years there Scott specialized in sports for the feed service. He was the head man for getting content to Fox’s various auto-racing channels and was the liason for Fox Sports Edge feed in Los Angeles. In the year 2008, Scott and his then pregnant wife, Rosalind packed all their things and moved to San Francisco to go work for a startup station called Comcast Sports Net Bay Area. He stayed there 2 years, had a son and helped the network grow into one of the biggest regional sports networks in existence  


In 2011, Scott decided it was time to come home so he took his wife and 2 year old son Soren and went back to work for the family production business Gourvitz Communications. He still works at their New York City office. SHG Sports Productions started as Scott took his one gopro and volunteered to record an all star baseball team from his home town of Randolph. He was a member of the baseball committee and wanted to help them out. That one camera stint ended up being a 6 camera full season project and has now blossomed into a company.  


Scott still lives in Randolph with his wife Rosalind and with his 3 young children, Soren, Gemma, and Hunter.  His favorite part of his new job is taping Soren playing safety for the Bulldogs. 

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